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  • Marjorie S. says:

    I’ve been going to Dr Mattson for almost 30 years. He’s the best dentist I’ve ever had work on my mouth. Always on the cutting edge, caring with patients, prompt–very little waiting!

  • Phyllis R. says:

    What’s not to like at Rock Run Dental? From the minute you open the door and walk on the bright orange floor, to the greeting by friendly receptionists, to the cheery hygienists, it’s all good. Add to that Dr. Mattson’s quick wit and wild sense of humor and going to the dentist becomes a much happier event. Even for me, who hates going! Thanks Rock Run for a great experience!

  • Lucy S. says:

    We love Rock Run Dental. Everyone is so friendly and they are great with kids. I really appreciate that they value my time–you’re not stuck in the waiting room for hours. If you’re scheduled for a 9:00 appointment, you will be in the chair at 9:00. I’m able to get all three of my kids in at one time, and we are out of there in just over an hour. The office has a nice wide open feel to it, and it’s very clean and inviting. Pricing seems very reasonable as well. Would absolutely recommend.

  • Anonymous says:

      I have been with Dr. Mattson for years! He is a great dentist! He goes the extra mile! The office is clean and the staff are wonderful!

  • Kathy K says:

    ROCK RUN DENTAL…..nothing but the best! Dt. Mattson always goes the extra mile for his patients. The front end staff are so accommodating! They understand when you really need to get in and do everything within their power to work you in! I appreciate so much the staff, technology and most of all
    Dt. Mattson! Best Dentist in the world!!!

  • Valena M. says:

    &nbsp I have the pleasure of working on Dr. Mattson’s restorations. From my unique perspective I can assure his patients that he is truly a talented, skilled, honest, and amazing dentist.

  • Susan D. says:

    Dr.Mattson is not only our dentist, but a personal friend. I hate dentists as far as their profession, but he is very gentle and always is concerned with our oral health. He laughs and smiles and puts you at ease with his silly jokes. He truly takes excellent care of his patients. I have had a couple of dental emergencies and he is willing to take care of them.
    His staff is equally wonderful. I have never been in an office that makes you feel so comfortable and at home. Lots of my grand kids go to him and they love him. That speaks for itself , don’ t you think?

  • Janice A. says:

    Dr. Mattson is a great person to have as a dentist. He was so careful on a day when I had just had my hair done. He said he did not want to mess with hairdressers so he got me a special pillow to lay back on. I laughed all the way home about how considerate he was that day. We are so happy to have him as our new dentist!!!

  • Marilee Jensen says:

    Thank you Dr Mattson for taking such good care of me with getting dentures. No one wants to admit they have to get dentures and their mouth is so awful looking. But he never made me feel embarrassed and so understanding. Now I feel so much better without all the infection you don’t realize is in your mouth under my situation. My teeth look wonderful and my health is so much better. Thank you again Dr Mattson. You are amazing

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