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We’re Proud Members Of The
Eco-Dentistry Association

What does it mean to be a “green”, eco-friendly dental practice? And what does it mean for you—our valued patients and friends? Green dentistry is a broad topic that includes many discussions and initiatives from patient care to dental processes to the physical characteristics of dental offices. Often, the actionable goals in a green dental practice focus on “The Four R’s”:


Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

In our practice, we believe that the first “R” is perhaps the most important—for without it, the other three will never gain traction. It’s Rethink... And it doesn’t just apply to dentistry.

Rethinking is the freshest aspect of a going-green lifestyle. Rethinking the way you get to work in the morning; rethinking how far your food has to travel to reach your table; rethinking your beauty-care products; etc., etc. Green dentistry is simply a natural extension of the other eco-friendly efforts we’re making in our daily lives.

Green dentistry means rethinking dental processes and procedures, office administration and marketing, and office design and construction, using the tenets of green dentistry as a guide.

The Eco-Dentistry Association’s Green Dentistry Definition

The Eco-Dentistry Association defines a green dental practice as one that:
  • Reduces Waste and Pollution
  • Saves Energy, Water and Money
  • Is Wellness Based

A Green Practice Reduces Waste and Pollution

You’d be surprised how much waste and pollution is generated by a single dental practice. Here in our practice, we’re rethinking outdated dental methods. We’re finding solutions that ensure our patients’ health and our office’s cleanliness without creating unnecessary waste.

For example:
  • Reusable, professionally sanitized tools, washable cloth seat covers and patient bibs, and reducing waste from plastic cups and impression trays.
  • Eliminating chemicals and toxins that were used as a matter of course in the past. Using new technology and environmentally friendly, smarter materials.
  • Eliminating the use of toxic x-ray materials.
  • Incorporating eco-safe cleaning supplies.
  • Using filling material other than mercury, and use a mercury-separator when removing amalgam fillings.

A Green Practice Saves Energy, Water and Money

We believe that it’s time for every industry to conserve resources, and dentistry has an important role to play. We know that our resources are precious, and that’s why we take action to be efficient in our use of water and energy. As a bonus, this also reduces overhead costs, which helps pass savings on to you, our valued patients.

For example:
  • Water-saving initiatives include low-flow toilets and sinks and dry suction systems.
  • Energy-reduction protocol includes turning off machines when they’re not in use, using energy-efficient lighting, and updated technology/machines that are more energy efficient.
  • Gas/transportation cost reductions include in-house laundering, in-house sanitization, and in-practice production of materials when possible.

A Green Practice Incorporates High-Tech Innovations

Many high-tech innovations on the leading edge of dental technology are also better for patients and the planet.

For example:
  • Digital record-keeping reduces waste and makes it easier to be organized.
  • Digital x-rays reduce radiation, create better images, and also reduce the need for chemical solutions and lead foils used in old x-ray imaging.
  • Digital communication with patients and prospective new patients (like the blogsite you’re visiting now) help reduce paper usage and the energy used to deliver traditional mail.

A Green Practice Is Wellness Based

Green dental practices help support a wellness lifestyle. A growing community of consumers seek dental professionals who share their values of personal and planetary wellness. We understand your values, because they’re ours too. We know that good oral health isn’t an isolated principle: it’s inextricably connected with our total-body wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why we believe in:
  • Preventative care that keeps you (and your mouth) healthier.
  • Transparency to show you exactly what we believe and how we care for you.
  • Responsible stewardship of the environment.

Thanks For The Trust You Place In Our Green Practice

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